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Who Knows Yooooou? - Artificial Intelligence Screening Assessments

Some companies are using Artificial Intelligence to screen candidates. Candidates are invited, often without prior notice, to an online site that evaluates fitness for the job and company. It is a one way video that discerns a candidate’s word choice, rate of speech, facial reactions, comparing and ranking candidates for likeliness of success.

Here are some tips to help through this process:

* Read the Terms of Agreement and understand how they will use your video, and how long

the employer will keep it.

* Practice beforehand and think through your performance.

* Test your audio and video beforehand.

* Schedule when there will be NO interruptions – control your environment.

* If you have the sniffles, consider rescheduling.

* Sit on a straight back chair, not a swivel chair (you’ll move, even if unintentionally).

* Dress professionally – solid colors, remove eyeglasses (if you can still see), simple

makeup, tone down shiny face or bald head.

* Speak crisply and clearly, cite your value, and give and be your best self.

* Choose the right words to convey your message, paint a picture with words.

* Minimize gestures.

* Have a quiet background, good lighting in front of you, camera at eye level and look at the

camera (not the screen).

* If you draw a blank, pause, take a deep breathe to relax, repeat the question and answer

as best you can.

* If you run out of time, avoid acting flustered, rather portray confidence in yourself.

* Some questions are deliberately complex to add stress – show that you handle pressure


* The best interviewees look and sound like existing employees, so practice, practice,


* Don’t expect ANY feedback.

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