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Kokopella provides search methods that have been tested and proven by job hunters around the world. We'll give your employees a clear road map customized to their individual profile, and teach practical techniques that will help them conduct a professional job search start-to-finish in less time.  


Streamlining Your Search

Creating an effective search, and shortening it.

Working With Recruiters

Do's and don'ts of choosing and working with a recruiter.

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

Networking to increase visibility and open up opportunities.

Marketing Yourself on Social Media Channels

Positioning and marketing yourself for success.

Leveraging the Power of Linkedin

Navigating, Networking and Connecting with your target contacts

Wowing Your Interviews

Conducting an interview that impresses.

The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation tools to help get the package you need.

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Networking & Marketing

Develop a target market, expand your network, access industry decision-makers, and develop advanced networking skills. Candidates learn the best way to present the value they bring to the table and ignite interest in potential employers for current and future opportunities—even keeping you at the top of their mind and recommending you for positions at other companies.

Interviewing & Negotiations

Gain the skills to make an impact in interviews, sell them what they want, cultivate offers, and negotiate the money, benefits, vacation, options and signing bonus you're looking for.

Entrepreneurship & Retirement

For those who seek an alternative to traditional employment—consulting may be a great option. We’ll help you make an informed decision and understand what it takes to become a consultant in today's world. We'll help you assess your readiness, consider work-balance options, and help you establish your fee structure.

​For those who want to retire or semi-retire, we'll explore your needs, goals and options to make the best informed decision. 

The Best Way to Shorten Your Job Search
And Target Your Market to Land the Right Job.

In today's high-tech world, searching for a job has become a complex, and often overwhelming and impersonal process. Recruiters report that it takes 3-4 months from the time they post a job requisition until a candidate is hired. Statistics tell us that only 25% of jobs are found through the Internet, recruiters and classified ads; while 75% are found through networking. When you let Kokopella facilitate yur job search, you leverage our tried-and-true search strategies, and decrease the time it takes to land a new job up to 20-63%. That means less time searching, and more time collecting a paycheck.

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Resumes, CVs & Cover Letters


Designed and formatted to wow employers and outshine the competition, we'll help you sell your strengths and highlight your achievements. You'll learn how to leverage your attributes and skillfully promote them during the interview. 


The cover letter is one of your most critical tools to make a solid first impression. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and tailor a message that speaks to the specific industry and job.

Assessment & Testing

Kokopella's testing tools will help to assess the roles and industries most suited to a candidate's interests and skillset, thereby identifying a clearer career path. 

Key preferences, communication style, work patterns and personality traits are culled from the most trusted and widely accepted career testing tools to help define and target the right path—increasing a candidate's sense of personal fulfillment and career success. 

We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and the Strong Interest Inventory. Tests—both administered online. Candidates receive comprehensive reports and consultation to review results, map out a recommended career path and pursue employment.  

For more information or an exploratory discussion, we invite you to book a consultation or contact us directly: 


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