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Our Attitude Will Mean Everything

Just as in job searching, our attitude in dealing with this global pandemic will mean everything. Is it scary? Absolutely! See yourself and your family handling this well. Will you be challenged? Definitely! But we have to accept this reality, deal with the life style changes this crisis demands, wash our hands a lot, stay at home, and stay away from others. Enjoy being home, possibly with family, talk with friends on the phone, work on projects, and come through this well. And if the illness comes for a visit, usher it out the door as soon as possible.

We’re operating on the second level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (remember Maslow?), Safety and Security. So it’s difficult for us to fulfill our higher level of need right now – Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self Actualization. I find that I’m productive but that my mind is preoccupied with following the new rules of life. It’s a little harder to focus and I get tired earlier than usual. You too probably feel your productivity diminished. I try to do something nice for myself each day – eat a favorite food, love my family and animals, take a nap, let the sun soak into my soul, dance around my kitchen to my favorite music. It all helps me to feel more centered. What works for you?

So this is the time to steel your nerves, be brave and manage your emotions. We all will come through this and our attitude will make the difference!

Our best wishes

to you and yours.

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