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"Little Black book" - Improving Interviews

It can be difficult to remember 30-40 Accomplishment Stories. Our client's interviews were going okay, but he had trouble remembering his stories, so he developed a novel tool, a "little black book".

Briefly outline your PAR stories (Problem - Action - Results), one to a page. Slip them into plastic sleeves to preserve them during frequent usage. Insert and keep in a 1" ring (black) binder.

To prepare for interviews, review your Accomplishment Story Binder the day before the interview. Review again the morning of the interview. Arrive early to the interview and in the privacy of your car or quiet space, review your Accomplishment Stories again.

Our client claimed his Accomplishment Binder really made a difference in the success of his interviews. He never stumbled on a story again! Try a "little black book" and improve your interviews.

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