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From the Heart

A former client came back for help in applying to her dream job at her dream company. She had written a cover letter from her heart and thought it not worthy. That was not correct. Her cover letter was the best cover letter I had ever seen or even have written myself. Here's what she did.

It was personalized and she shared her excitement several times in the letter. Paragraph 1 talked about how her heart started racing as she realized how perfect her skill set is for the position. She specifically mentioned what the company had been doing that she followed for years. She spoke of how she dreamed of working for them for years.

P2 focused on what made her a great fit. She detailed the specific skills they seek and how her career advanced to develop just these skills. She wrote about following a recent, very innovative launch and her excitement for the company. She made it very clear that she brings the skills and enthusiasm for the role.

P3 spoke to her passion for the work and how much she enjoys the various aspects of the job. She ended this paragraph with demonstrating her commitment by using some of the Covid downtime to take an 8 month certification, specially tailored to this job, to take her skills to the next level.

If they didn't believe her by now, P4 pushed the envelop. She talked about loving the scope of the work, that she is driven to succeed in their environment and would be just the cheerleader they need.

I couldn't have written a better letter for her. Follow her lead. For jobs for which you are a great fit, write a cover letter from your heart, telling them exactly how you feel. Sell yourself and your skills.

This letter is so good that I've added it to the newest version of our job search book, The Road to Job Search Success, as an addendum so that other job seekers can benefit from it.

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