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Filling the Covid Void

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Concerned about the gap on your resume? Covid has put many a hole in people's resumes. Recruiters most likely will understand that gap in employment and will ask you about it, rather than question your employability. But if you would like to show your industriousness during the pandemic, consider showing what you've accomplished.

List your stay at home job as your most recent employment. Give yourself a catch title - Covid Laid Off Employee, Covid Stay at Home Dad (or Mom), Downsized Dad (or Mom or Your Job Title) accompanied with the duration of your unemployment - months and year(s).

Create a brief paragraph describing your situation:

Downsized as a QC Specialist when the company closed the manufacturing floor. Devoted talents to home projects and continued to apply quality skills to those projects.

Under that brief paragraph list accomplishments in bullet format:

  • Ensured a 9 and 11 year old learned remotely and reinforced lessons with customized home projects

  • Created a more intimate and attractive seating area by building a garden stone wall which encased a 15'x30'patio

  • To be ready for new employment used downtime to learn new and update existing skills - an 8 month course on Sustainability to Combat Climate Change.

Although describing this kind of "Employment" is not typical, in these challenging times describing your industriousness will help you stand out, generate interesting conversations, and show that you're no slouch!

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