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Cheat Sheet

It's difficult to recall all the things that you need to remember to excel in an interview. Here's an idea. Create up to 2 Cheat Sheets of the things you're likely to forget. One sheet could be a summary of your 30-40 Accomplishment Stories. Create columns on a page and summarize each story with a bold heading and outline key words only. Type these in large font, 18 or 20 point, so that you can easily glance down and see each story summarized. On the other sheet, list the things that you want to remember - your Positioning statements - Tell me about yourself, why you left the company, your salary expectations - and key questions to ask.

Bring these to your interview in your lap portfolio. Once you've settled down in the interview, place your Cheat Sheets on the left side of your portfolio so that you easily glance down when asked a question that you're unsure of. Viola! If you've organized your important information, there it is to help you glide through your interview professionally.

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