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A trick: Stay on top to attract Recruiters

Recruiters are looking to fill 10-40 jobs at a time, so they're on the job boards every week if not every day. Job boards indicate when your resume was posted - 90 days ago, 60, 30, 7 days and 24 hours. Since Recruiters are on boards often, they usually only want to view the most recent resumes. If your resume isn't "new", you won't be seen. Here's the trick. On Sunday morning, before Recruiters start looking for Monday's candidates on Sunday afternoon, go into the job boards on which your resume is posted. Open your resume, insert an extra period. Close up your resume FOR ONLY 10 SECONDS! Reopen your resume, delete that extra period and close up your resume. Viola! Your resume will pop up at the top of your job category, spotlighting you as a new, fresh candidate.

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