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Thank you for your Service . . . choosing your Next Step

My company and my family are so grateful for the role our military, veterans and families have played in our country and in our lives. Thank you for your commitment and courage.

When you return to civilian life you may be wondering what role you could play. There is a great, free website that can suggest good next steps. Go to It is an occupational information website published by the Department of Labor. On the right of the Home page click on "My Next Move". Once on that page, on the right, click on "Tell us what you like to do" which will bring you to a 60 question survey. Follow it to the end where it will recommend good jobs for you based on your interests. It provides in depth information about jobs, educational requirements, working conditions, pay and if jobs are in demand. I always find this website valuable and good guidance for those wondering about next steps.

And once again, many thanks!

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