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Less is best

Your confidence is hit hard when looking for a job, especially true during a pandemic. As a result, to ensure that the employer knows all that you can bring, you give way too much information, hoping to cultivate an offer.

During an interview, saying less is the better move. Carefully listen to the questions asked of you, and only provide the information requested. Avoid bombarding the interviewer with too much information - TMI - because it won't quell your anxiety and won't convince them. Rather it will clog their brains with TMI.

Instead, provide just what's needed and if you wonder if you've provided enough detail, ask, "Have I provided you with enough information?" or "Would you like more detail?" Presenting yourself this way will show your focus on exactly what they need, will show your clarity, demonstrate your good fit, and draw a sharp contract with more chatty interviewees. So reign in your anxiety and interview with less. Not too little, but less. It's the best!

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